Statistics brochure

Statistics brochure

Alexander Vysotsky

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Statistics - data expressed in numbers about the level of production of a department or organization as a whole in comparison with the previous point in time. If the production level increases, the statistics go up. If it decreases, the statistics drop. Statistics are needed in order to be able to determine the state of affairs. An employee or manager can look at the statistics and see if things are getting better or worse. An accurate assessment helps people to act rationally, because if there is no such assessment, minor impairments will be ignored, and significant impairments can be hidden or justified. This reduces the ability to act rationally. Therefore, statistics that allow you to make an accurate assessment of the state of affairs increase the efficiency of employees, managers and the company as a whole.

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Significant revenue growth can be achieved if the production of products in all departments increases. As a rule, income growth is limited by the weakest functions of the organization. If there are no statistics, downturns in the production of some departments may go unnoticed until the company gets into another crisis. Applying the data in this brochure will allow you to accurately track the performance of your entire company on a weekly basis. You will have your finger on the pulse of your business. Contents of the brochure: Formulating statistics Statistics by checklists Chart of statistics Reversed statistics Evaluating statistics Quotas and tasks for statisticians Dual statistics Organization Information Center This is one of five brochures in the manager's kit.

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