Obligations of the company owner

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Obligations of the company owner

Alexander Vysotsky

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This book describes in detail the activities of a business owner who created a company from scratch. This book clearly separates the responsibilities of the owner and director. Using examples from various companies, the author describes how the performance of each of the functions of the founder affects the success of the business. The book is a simple and practical guide to management, in it the entrepreneur will find the answers that sooner or later arise in every manager: how to separate the functions of owner and manager; what exactly the founder must do for the company to be successful; how to act correctly if there are several co-owners; what to do to get away from operational management.

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The Responsibilities of a Business Owner is an excellent guide to get you started with management tools. With the help of the tools, you will completely take control of the company into your own hands. Alexander Vysotsky believes that the future is not created by governments. The ideas of the future are laid by people of science and culture, and they turn it into concrete ideas and bring it to life by entrepreneurs. A lot depends on how professionally the owner approaches the business. That is why he created this book and described the basic principles of how to make the owner's work more systematic and orderly. One that increases the efficiency of the company at times.

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For the past few years, I have been advising business owners on the implementation of management tools. My job is to help people who are brave and ambitious enough to blaze new trails, create new products, create companies that provide society with everything it needs to exist. Among the clients who have passed our consulting program "School of Business Owners" are the owners of various enterprises: production, trade, various types of services. We work only with the owners of the companies, as we are convinced that what the company will become depends entirely on the point of view of the owner. One of the reasons for writing this book was the numerous requests from the listeners of my seminars, which for several years now require me not only to talk about this at seminars and trainings, but also to present my ideas in writing. There are many books written for executives, but I have not come across any books that are entirely about the functions of the owner of the company and describe them separately from the functions of the leader. For several years I have read seminars and provided consulting to owners, and in this book I have described the most important functions of a company owner. When you read this book, do not take any ideas on faith, as accepting any ideas without your own judgment is one of the biggest pitfalls for a capable person. Match these ideas to your own experience, assess their reasonableness and practicality, and then either accept or discard. But before you make your final judgment, try to read the book to the end.

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