Business correspondence
Андрей Сидоров, Андрей Сидоров 2 March, 2021

There are a large number of rules and regulations of modern business correspondence, ignorance of which can ruin relationships with colleagues or potential partners. We bring to your attention the most common mistakes that are made when writing a business letter.

Lack of greetings. If you are writing a business letter, then you need something from the addressee. In order to be polite and make it clear to the virtual interlocutor that you respect him, be sure to start the letter with a greeting.

Use of inappropriate templates, backgrounds, fonts and signatures. For work correspondence, it is best to use specially designed email templates, as it is very convenient and saves time. They are quick, easy to set up and eliminate the need to think over the design of the letter every time.

Topic of the letter. When writing a business letter, remember to include the subject line on the appropriate line. This will greatly simplify the process. Firstly, the recipient will immediately understand what the letter will be about, and secondly, he will be able to easily find it among a dozen others, if suddenly such a need arises.

Abbreviations and monosyllabic answers. A business letter is not a message to a friend on social media. Therefore, avoid wording like: "Ok", "ATP", "Priv" and so on.

Using the Caps lock key. Do not overuse capital letters and use them to highlight words that are worth paying close attention to.On the Internet, this still symbolizes screaming, anger, indignation and other emotions that are not entirely pleasant for the interlocutor. Nobody likes it when they raise their voice to him, even if in a letter and in this way.Business correspondence is a convenient and powerful tool for work, use it correctly and the result will not be long in coming!

Андрей Сидоров, Андрей Сидоров 2 March, 2021
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