Terms of Use

What information may be requested during registration

During the registration process, as well as during all kinds of promotions and sweepstakes, the following personal information may be requested from users:

  • ФИО;
  • Telephone number;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Current city;
  • E-mail address;

This possibility is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine, in particular, Art. 8 of the Law "On the Protection of Personal Data". Based on the clauses set out in the law, you can disagree with this privacy policy. In addition, you have the right to refuse to provide any information about yourself when requested by the operators of the online store "Visotsky Consulting".

You have the right to withdraw from the terms of this user agreement at any time by sending a request to the e-mail address specified in the contact information of the website of the online store. In the event of such a request, all information about you as a registered user will be deleted from the site database forever. If you do not agree in advance with the terms of this Statement, ignore requests for any information.

Operators and representatives of the Visotsky Consulting online store never request confidential information about bank card data, passport data, TIN.

If you have any claims or requests regarding the provision of personal data to managers of the online store "Visotsky Consulting", you can call +38 (044) 585-66-51.

Why do we need personal data

1. Processing orders received from individuals in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

When placing an order, regardless of the amount and composition of the purchase, representatives of the online store have the right to clarify or request information from the buyer. We are talking about such data as name, contact phone number, e-mail address, city of residence, address of residence (for registration of delivery), date of birth. Information is used only within the company to create a customer base with subsequent identification of the customer when he re-contacts the online store.

2. Communication directly with the customer.

Personal data allows you to directly contact the owner of the data by name and patronymic, which forms a loyal and respectful attitude from a potential client of an online store to managers. Store representatives may request additional data without violating the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".

The collection of information can be carried out when communicating with managers by phone, via e-mail or at registration.

Third party liability

In the process of providing services by the online store "Visotsky Consulting", it is possible to interact or transfer a number of responsibilities to third parties for the successful completion of an order. We are talking about attracting independent couriers, postal delivery services, and customer service call centers. Based on the current Agreement and the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data" dated 01.06.2010 No. 2297-VI, third parties who receive personal information about customers for processing undertake to maintain its confidentiality. The provided data is used only for the execution of a direct function - order processing in the Visotsky Consulting online store and delivery of goods to the address specified in the application.

Disclosure of personal data

The exclusive and stable position of the Visotsky Consulting online store is that personal information about our customers is NEVER sold, transferred to third parties * with commercial benefit, and does not go beyond the client database of the online store's CRM system.

Исключения могут составить следующие ситуации:

1. Transfer of personal data to law enforcement agencies upon an official request, on the basis of the data owner's accusation of committing a crime.

2. Transfer of personal data to third parties whose User Agreement you support (for example, delivery services "Nova Pochta", "Ukrposhta" and others).

Sponsors, business partners, investors and management representatives may request data on the statistics of visitors to the website of the online store. In this case, information can be transmitted only to a limited extent (number of users, their gender, age, browser, session duration). Such data is necessary to analyze the statistics of the site and the quality of search engine optimization.

* except for cases when the transfer of information is necessary for the execution of the order, including its delivery by postal services and couriers.

Public offer

The work of the online store "Visotsky Consulting" is carried out on the basis of the current public offer, which regulates the rights and obligations of the parties, represented by the BUYER and the SELLER.

Article 1. Subject of the offer agreement

1.1 The SELLER (online store "Visotsky Consulting") undertakes to transfer the goods to the BUYER, and the BUYER undertakes to timely and in full pay for the purchase on the basis of the issued invoice.

Article 2. Moment of conclusion of the contract

2.1 When registering on the website of the online store, you agree to the current rules set out in the Public Offer and in the clauses of the User Agreement above.

2.2 The requirements and norms stated here relate to the work of the legal entity that owns the Visotsky Consulting online store.

Article 3. Characteristics of the GOODS

3.1 A detailed description of the goods is presented on the page. You can see approximate photos of the product, its characteristics. Please note that in reality the product may differ slightly from what is shown in the photo. It depends on the production batch and many factors beyond the control of the SELLER. In case of significant differences between the photo and reality, managers will definitely warn about this.

Article 4. Price of the GOODS

4.1 The cost indicated on the website is expressed in UAH, the national currency of Ukraine or in rubles.

4.2 The cost of the goods is indicated without the delivery of goods to the user.

4.3 The timing of discounts for each individual product is determined by the internal orders of the company of the online store "Visotsky Consulting", therefore, the indicated discount price may be invalid at the end of the promotional product (check detailed information with the managers).

4.4 The price indicated on the product page (excluding discounts and promotions) is valid. You have the right to demand that the goods be sold to you at the price specified in the purchase order.

Article 5. Payment for the GOODS

5.1 Payment for purchases in the online store "Visotsky Consulting" is carried out only on the basis of the issued invoice. In the case of choosing the delivery method by courier service, the invoice is placed in the parcel. Payment can be made both by cash on delivery and by prepayment.

5.2 The buyer has the right to pay for the goods only after inspecting its appearance and confirming that he receives the ordered parcel (we are talking about cash on delivery purchases through a courier or postal service).

5.3 All available payment methods are indicated on the page at checkout (cash and bank transfer).

Article 6. Delivery of the GOODS

6.1 Delivery of the goods is carried out in a manner that the BUYER determines independently from the options offered.

6.2 The online store is responsible for the goods until they are handed over to the delivery service to the buyer.

Article 7. Warranties for goods

7.1 The warranty for the goods applies on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

7.2 The presented products, which correspond to the list from the memory, can be returned by check within 14 days after purchase (according to the current legal regulations).

Article 8. Rights and obligations of the parties

8.1 The SELLER is obliged to fulfill its conditions prescribed by this User Agreement. The key responsibilities include ensuring the delivery of the purchased goods to the BUYER, the safety of personal data, ensuring responsibility and the correctness of the written description of the goods.

8.2 The BUYER is obliged to pay for the goods on the basis of the issued invoice during the period regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.3 The BUYER has the right to demand the fulfillment of all obligations of the SELLER on the basis of this User Agreement and the legislation of Ukraine.

Article 9. Liability of the Parties and Resolution of Disputes

9.1 The SELLER is responsible for the quality of the goods and their proper appearance until the goods are handed over to the delivery service.

9.2 The BUYER is responsible for transferring payment for the purchased item.

9.3 Resolution of arisen disputes can take place through a constructive dialogue between representatives of the parties or in court.

Article 10. Return and exchange of goods

10.1 Return and exchange of goods is carried out on the basis of the Law of Ukraine dated 12.05.1991 No. 1023-XII "On the protection of consumer rights" in the current edition.

Article 11. Force majeure

11.1 Стороны освобождаются от ответственности за неисполнение или ненадлежащее исполнение обязательств на время действия событий непреодолимой силы. Под непреодолимой силой понимаются чрезвычайные и непреодолимые при данных условиях обстоятельства, препятствующие исполнению своих обязательств СТОРОНАМИ по настоящему соглашению. К ним относятся стихийные явления (землетрясения, наводнения и т. п.), обстоятельства общественной жизни (военные действия, чрезвычайные положения, крупнейшие забастовки, эпидемии и т. п.), запретительные меры государственных органов (запрещение перевозок, валютные ограничения, международные санкции запрета на торговлю и т. п.). В течение этого времени СТОРОНЫ не имеют взаимных претензий, и каждая из СТОРОН принимает на себя свой риск последствия форс-мажорных обстоятельств.