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Oleksandr Vysotsky

Founder and chief consultant of Visotsky Consulting Int, since 2004 has been providing consulting, seminars, trainings and master classes for company leaders. Branches of Visotsky Consulting Int are located in 4 CIS countries and New York, where the consulting project "School of Business Owners" is provided

Since 2004, she has been providing consulting, seminars, trainings and master classes for heads of companies from the CIS countries.

  • Author of the books “The Responsibilities of Company Owners”, “Small Business. Big game ”,“ Orgschema. How to create a company structure ”and“ Financial planning. The art of generating income ”. All books are written in simple applied language especially for business owners. In his books, Vysotsky writes about the responsibilities and functions of the owner, talks about the development, expansion, investment in the company. The main value of the books, according to the reviewers, is the practical application of all the data described in the books. The books "Org Scheme ..." and "Financial Planning ..." are fully devoted to the appropriate tools: the creation, description and application of the organizing structure of the company and the implementation of a financial planning system. The bottom line is that after the implementation of these tools, the company's financial activities are implemented step by step according to a specific instruction, as a result of which the company's income and profit become manageable and predictable.
  • Author of articles for business magazines - Forbes, General Director, Money, Status. Economic news, Company management, Kompanion, Contracts and many others.
  • Speaker who conducted over 500 webinars, attended by over 65,000 entrepreneurs from all CIS countries.
  • Alexander Vysotsky's book "The Responsibilities of a Company Owner" has been translated into English and published in the USA under the title "A Job Description for the Business Owner". This book is available for purchase worldwide through Amazon.com

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"Dreams are the first step in creating, creating reality. Dream big, write down good ideas. Dream about what is important to you, no matter what others dream. Create an environment where you are comfortable dreaming and time to dream and plan. ".